In line package /DIP Packing Box-packed Braid GW D*L SMD package Packing Small cap7寸 The market13寸 GWL/W/H/
(MM)±0.2 /SMD (MM±0.2
R-1 Per box 1K 5K 0.7*58.0 SMA DO-214AC Each disc 2K 5K Beat4.0/2.6/2.2
Piece 50K 50K Piece 80K 100K Beat4.4/2.6/2.2
DO-41 Per box 1K 5K 0.7*58.0 SMB DO-214AA Each disc 3K Beat4.4/3.8/2.9
Piece 50K 50K Piece 60K Frame4.4/3.5/2.2
DO-15 Per box 0.5K 3K 0.7*58.0 SMC DO-214AB Each disc 3K 8.8/5.9/2.2
Piece 2.5K 30K Piece 48K
R-3 Per box 0.5K 3K 0.78*58.0 SMD DO-214AB Each disc 3K 6.8/5.9/2.2
Piece 2.5K 30K Piece 30K
DO-27 Per box 0.5 1K 1.0*62.0 TO-277 Each disc 5K 5.4/4.0/1.1
Piece 25K 15K Piece 80K
Per box 0.2K 1.2K 1.2*58.0 SOD-123FL Each disc 3K 2.7/1.7/0.95
(DO-201AD) Piece 12.5K 12K Piece 180K
R-6 Per box 0.1K 0.5K 1.2*62.0 LL-34 Each disc 2.5K 1.45/3.5(D/H)
Piece 5K 5K Piece 100K
DO-35 Per box K5 5K 0.45*58.0 SMAF Each disc 3KK 10K 3.4/2.5/0.95
Piece 50K 50K Piece 120K 100K
Line the bridge packing and size list SMBF Each disc 3K 4.3/3.5/1.2
In line package /DIP Packing Number GWL /W/H Piece 60K
(MM)±0.2  DO-213AA Each disc 2.5K 1.6/3.5(D/H)
TO-220 Each tube / box 0.05K/1K 15.5/10.0/4.6 Piece 100K
Each disc 5K DO-213AB(SM-1) Each disc 5K 2.5/5.0(D/H)
TO-220F Each tube / box 0.05K/1K 16.0/ Piece 80K
Each disc 5K DBS(Seagull foot) Each tube / piece / box 0.05K/5K/20K 8.0/6.3/2.5
TO-3P/ Each tube / box 0.025K/0.5K 21.5/16.2/5.0 Each disc / piece 1.5K/21K
TO-247 Each disc 2.5K MDS(Seagull foot) Each disc 3K 4.6/3.7/2.5
DB1 Each tube / piece / box 0.05K/2.5K/10K 8.1/6.3/2.5 Piece 60K
MBM Each tube / piece / box 0.1K/5K/20K 4.6/3.7/2.5 MBF(Seagull foot) Each disc 5K 4.8/3.8/1.4
WOL Each box / piece 1K/10K 8.8/5.3(D/H) Piece 100K
KBP Each box / piece 0.5K/5K 15.0/11.5/3.8 LBS(Seagull foot) Each disc 5K 4.6/3.7/1.4
KBL Each box / piece 0.5K/3K 19.0/14.6/5.6 Piece 100K
KBJ Each box / piece 0.5K/3K 25. /15.0/3.5 ABS(Seagull foot) Each disc 5K 5.0/4.4/1.4
6KBJ Each box / piece 20.5K/2K 30.0/20.0/3.6 Piece 100K
GBU Each box / piece 0.4K/2.4K 22.0/18.5/3.4 ABF(Seagull foot) Each disc 3K 5.0/4.4/1.5
KBU Each box / piece 0.4K/2.4K 23.0/17.8/6.8 Piece 60K
KBPC6-8A Each box / piece 0.2K/2K 15.2/15.2/6.3 SW packaging and the size of a large quantity can be customized according to customer demand! Welcome the company or call for samples!
KBPC6-50A Each box / piece 0.05K/0.5K 28.3/28.3/11.0